About Us

About Us

Joule Energy was founded by Kibar DURSUN; ıts Princi- ple services are; Natural gas combined cycle pland and thermal power plants erection, maintenance and en- gineering services and spare part service.

Kibar DURSUN, having the 25 years experience in the sector, has completed his whole educational terms in Germany.In 1988 he started his educationin BBC company in Mannheim city. Following the Merger of the BBC company with Swedish ASEA company in 1989 he continued is education in the ABB company which was the result of the merger, in 1992 he stared his business life at this company.

ABB company continued its services as ALSTOM follow- ing the effected amendments in 1999-2000.

Between 1992-2007 in the ALSTOM company with its most recent structure; which continuously realizes projects all over the world in the energy sector; Kibar DURSUN was assigned as a manager at different posi- tions.

In 2007 Kibar DURSUN, leaving Germany, has attended to contineue his activites in Turkey as the responsible manager of gas and steam turbine erection, maintenance and commissioning and as for that date he signed under many turn key delivery erection and maintenance projects all over the world.

Joule Energy, in providing the “customer satisfaction” has set it self the management target to provide its serv- ices just in time and at the demanded quality level in order to be able to provide the full expectations of the customers from the presented services.

Our target is to provide to our customers business and solution partnership on a continuous basis by sticking to the Quality management and work safety and health management system rules which was established by countinuously improving ourselves.

Our services before our customers are conditioned to meet all expectations and to provide the quality image on continuous basis as the principle and the fundamen- tal condition of the Quality,management system of Joule Energy.

The Activites performed in the Quality, work safety and health issues were awarded ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 managament systems .

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